Karen A. Stukel

Will County Recorder of Deeds

Will County, IL
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Karen A. Stukel

Recorder of Deeds, Will County, IL


Our Archives Department is open to the public for document research. We provide computer workstations, microfilm viewers and access to all of our historical recording indexes, books, plat books and plat maps.

For basic information about documents recorded in your name, you may also conduct a search via the Internet with our Online Document Search. Copies or further information about documents located online may be obtained by visiting the Recorder’s office.

If you are in need of a specific document from our office, you may search for it in our Archives Department, as described above. We have Office staff that will be happy to assist you in beginning your document search, but please be aware that because of time, complexity and legalities involved in document research, we cannot perform the searches for you. You may investigate on your own, or else we suggest that you contact a title search company for professional assistance.

You may purchase copies of all documents that are found in your search, set at the rates outlined in our Fee Schedule.

Basic Information Needed to Provide You with a Document Copy

If you are in need of a specific document from our office, you may search for it in our Archive Department, as described above. If you know the document that you want, providing us the exact DOCUMENT RECORDING NUMBER (i.e. R95-175000 or R2001-186000) is the easiest and most efficient method of locating a document. If you do not know the Document Recording Number, please provide us with as many of the following pieces of information that you have available, so that we may serve you more efficiently:

  • Names on the Document
  • Trust Numbers on the Document
  • Recording Date (i.e. 0½4/95, or 01/95, or even 1995…the more specific the better)
  • The Document Type (i.e. Deed, Mortgage, Release, etc.)
  • Property Address
  • PIN (Permanent Index Number)

For professional title search assistance, we suggest checking your telephone Yellow Pages or a major Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) under the heading Title Companies.

Effective November, 2006 this office discontinued the practice of adding 4 zeros at the end of PIN numbers if the document that was recorded did not contain the 4 zeros. Document information is entered into our database as it appears on the document, and is not corrected or altered by our staff. The “PIN#” search feature in our system allows users to enter a partial PIN Number. If you have any questions about using the PIN# search feature, please contact us.

Copy Fees — As of September 20, 2010
8 ½” x 11” Paper Copies
(Produced from Microfilm, Imaging, or Photocopying)
$1.00 per page up to half the cost of a certified copy
8 ½” x 11” Customer Provided Copies
(time/date stamped with document number, may be purchased at the time of recording only)
11” x 17” Paper Copies
(Produced from Microfilm, Imaging, or Photocopying)
$2.00 per page
24” x 36” Paper Plat Copies
(Of Subdivision, Condominium, or Miscellaneous Plats)
$4.00 per page
Military Service Discharge Records (DD214) No Charge
Certified Copies Same as initial recording fee minus the IRHSP fee